Friday, May 25, 2012

Set You Free

Not really, no.

Been listening to a lot of Black Keys recently.
Another delectable free font, Lavanderia Sturdy used.

That colour is TARDIS BLUE [#210664]

Friday, May 18, 2012


Time, it does wonderful things.

free font used: Bree Serif

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Seven Wants of Highly Effective Doppelhangers

i want to create a tv show in which one of the characters, obviously not a main character
but like a weird best friend to the main guy because after all the real best friend will be a
girl and the main guy will be in love with the best friend girl because there is a lot of
romantic tension to be explored in that and that apparently can carry a show for seasons,
will read a fictional comic book.
the tv show will achieve cult status mostly because it will say clever things without meaning them.
the fictional comic will get some spinoff attention.

i want to start my own enterprise, not in a Star Trek way, and be about sub-culture and call it "Geeks Bearing Gifts copyrighted register trademarked."
no idea what it will be actually about though.
it won't be really popular though.

i want to write a bildungsroman, that will have like parallels and stuff with my life and it will take all my pain and turn it into passion and shit 'cause that is what all the cool books have these days.
none of that 'write the truth, the hemming-way' bullshit for me.
hemmingway is dead now and look where that got vampires.
there will be some emo dialogue in that book which I plan to source straight from this girl I know.
though I would like to do more than know her but i can't coz she is like a 11 and i am like a 01 on the binary scale.

i want to know why curtains are called curtains and why marbles are called marbles and why crows are called crows and not just in a 'i am a curious kid, call me cute, pat me on the head and lie to my face' way.
things, you know.
what is wrong with wanting things?

i want to meet a "gurl" in what they call a chance encounter and have some more of these fabled chance encounters with her.
we would connect instantly in that way you only read/see/hear about and we would meet intermittently entirely by coincidence and quantum physics and not because i would be stalking her.
i would not do that but i would like it if she did that.
we would soon lose touch and this missed connection would fuel my angst and result into a poetry collection that would be absolutely dragon-piss but the critics would all be hipsters claiming "his passion is my christ"

i want to make art.
enduring stuff, maybe not popular for the masses.
okay, definitely not for the masses but more like for the discerning gent sitting in the oak panelled victorian lap of luxury who would not mind poisoning his body with nicotine and wine and gluttony.
i would like to be the vincent of the vain world.

i want too much.

Sunday, May 6, 2012