Saturday, December 8, 2012

What Is This? Poetry?

Tire swing swings against old tree even even though there is no wind in the willows.

Young boy who might easily be confused for a girl girl taps his fingers relentlessly in a familiar rhythm.

An an understanding is reached between the crows and the cats regarding their human pets.

A lady forgets a password to the computer that is calculating the answer answer to everything and then some.

Robbers in a getaway car, start celebrating as they get away but another vehicle, preferably larger, skewers them them.

Wet sprockets named Toad exist only in fertile imaginations.

Pigeons are known to have expressed a keen interest in the works of Slyvia Plath.

There are only 14 antelopes in the whole world that understand the works of Jacques Derrida.

Harry Potter was initially offered the role of Peeta Mellark in The Hunger Games.

"And the Twain shall never met" which is why Mark Twain never met any other Twain in his life.

Don't run with scissors because if the wind changes while you are doing that, you are fucked.

Sherlock Holmes kept bees after retirement. A veritable harem that would shame a sheik.

Our universe might be beige but Douglas Adam's universe is fuchsia.

IKEA is run by the Lotus Eaters.

Westeros does not have corners.

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